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Customer Story

International Credit Union Leverages Mainframe Data with Connect to Build Market-Leading Solutions

International Credit Union gets past the restrictions of mainframe

Just about every consumer-focused banking and financial services company will say that they are committed to providing friendly and personalized service to their customers. But unlike companies who serve the general public, an international credit union serves people who share something in common, such as being employees of a particular company or being members of a not-for-profit social group.

As member-owned financial cooperatives, credit unions are tangible and purposeful extensions of a group’s shared commitment to mutual support. And so, members expect their credit union to be just as fully committed to them. The professionals managing this major credit union serving millions of Americans understand how critical and valuable such commitment is, especially for its thousands of customers living and working abroad on long-term assignments. Managing and protecting their money and investments in a large, U.S. based credit union not only helps them maintain a sense of financial security, it also serves as a friendly and comforting connection to home.

But, like every other international credit union, they still have to compete with larger banks and financial services firms. And their members expect them to provide at least the same levels of financial strength and safety as their biggest competitors, along with better interest rates on their savings, lower rates for loans, and extremely personal and attentive service. The only way they can fulfill its mission is to be more efficient, more innovative and even more technologically nimble than their competition.

Read this case study to see how this international credit union’s Data Governance and Management team embarked on a three-year effort to modernize its systems and services, in order to build truly data-driven, AI powered and cloud native operation.