Customer Story

Insurance Firm Gets Real-Time Operational Visibility with Ironstream for Splunk®on the IBM Z platform

Ironstream enables Operational Visibility

A large, multi-line insurance company was struggling to support the operational visibility associated with monitoring and managing their dispersed transaction information systems.

Various pieces of transactional data were scattered across multiple platforms. While there were multiple relevant tools available in the ecosystem, a method for bringing together operational log data from all of their IT systems still eluded them.  They also needed log data from these systems available in real time so they could correlate the data, conduct comprehensive analysis, and be assured that informational reports were timely, complete, and up-to-date.

More broadly, they needed IT operations analytics (ITOA) across all critical operations on the IBM Z platform and throughout this complex and growing enterprise to address current needs, as well as new ones associated with their bright future. An enterprise ITOA solution can enable even the fastest growing top organizations to stay ahead of operational issues, quickly address any that do arise, and continue meeting their SLAs (service level agreements) even as they grow.

To solve their ITOA needs, the company turned to Splunk, a widely-used centralized log management and analytics platform with industry-leading search, analysis and visualization.  They used Splunk to collect and centralize log data from across their open system infrastructure — getting comparable data from the IBM Z platform, however, continued to be a major challenge.

Those systems generate a continual stream of information about CICS, FTP, and other IBM Z platform operations, but the firm had not found an easy and cost-effective way of getting real-time access to that vital data to enable true operational intelligence across their enterprise. Without visibility into these
critical systems, the enterprise was operating with a significant blind spot.

After an extensive search, they found Precisely Ironstream, developed specifically to collect and enable access to data from a wide range of IBM Z platform logs with Splunk. Along with collection, it securely transforms the mainframe-unique data types to a common industry format and sends it in real time to the Splunk platform. Ironstream and Splunk have been tested and deployed together numerous times on the IBM Z platform, enabling smooth, predictable implementations.


Ironstream Boosts Operational Visibility