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Customer Story

Insurance Co. Tames Its Complex Web Applications

Data Correlation and Analytics Enabled by Ironstream

While attempting to keep up with the tremendously face-paced evolution of the insurance industry, one Fortune 500 insurance company was presented with a significant obstacle that could have potentially hindered its ability to manage the company’s massive and growing transaction volumes.  Although its high-powered mainframes were more than capable of handling such volumes, the complexity that resulted in the presence of over 100 Java Virtual Machines (JVMs) in its web-application architecture considerably clouded its visibility into the details of these operations, eventually resulting in an extremely time-consuming and difficult problem-solving process.

In order to address this inefficiency, the insurance company sought to achieve an enterprise-wide capability that would allow it to collect all the relevant data across the entire systems infrastructure and then correlate the information into a single location. By choosing Precisely’s Ironstream® product in combination with the big-data platform, Splunk® Enterprise, the company was able to easily collect and transform mainframe log information as required, ultimately allowing it to gain full visibility into its entire web-based application infrastructure and enabling faster and easier problem resolution.

The company now has full visibility into its complex web application infrastructure, enabling faster, easier problem resolution. Root-cause analyses can now be fully applied when problems arise, which improves the ability to prevent recurrences of the same issues.

There are other benefits too, including:

  • Elimination of the need to dig through and process each individual JVM log, together with the large volumes of information that may reside within the logs, to try to pinpoint the source of an error.
  • Comprehensive alerting and reporting capabilities.
  • Ability to configure alerts to identify specific types of bottlenecks and errors in web applications, enabling the IT staff to be more proactive instead of reactive in problem resolution.
  • An IT operations analytics (ITOA) framework to work from to ensure SLA adherence and enable better planning for future operations

In sum, the company is boosting operational efficiency and lowering overall costs while earning greater satisfaction among its customers, employees, and partners who rely on its complex web application infrastructure.