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Customer Story

Increasing Data Quality and Visibility through Enterprise Data Governance

This leading multi-national agribusiness and food company operates in more than 40 countries, and serves some of the world’s largest food processors and foodservice brands through multiple lines of business. Despite their global presence, the company lacked consistency and structure to effectively manage data assets and data quality. They approached Precisely with an urgent need to establish an enterprise data governance program to standardize and unify enterprise data governance efforts for consistency across all levels and lines of business.

This food processing leader was looking to establish a formal enterprise data governance program to ensure global, regional, and local standardization of policies, rules, terms, and governance practices. Past data governance efforts consisted of piecemeal manual efforts to document rules and policies in Excel and PowerPoint documents, resulting in a lack of coordination, control and accountability. There was little visibility into the company’s data landscape or data quality levels, which discouraged data utilization and propagated distrust of data assets and insights.

The company not only needed an data governance and data quality platform to operationalize a standardized governance model, they also needed to define a strategy for a phased-in approach at the regional and local levels.

To meet the need for a formal, scalable, unified approach to data governance, the company selected Precisely Data360 as an enterprise solution to establish conformity and visibility across lines of business. Precisely began by developing a data governance framework and strategy based on the company’s critical business value drivers and key organizational metrics.  Based on this strategy, Data360 Govern was implemented using a “start small and scale out” approach. This involved a targeted roll-out of the solution, starting with a single business segment and data domain (supplier data), and gradually scaling to include additional areas.

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