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Customer Story

Large Pharmaceutical Company Improved Collaboration

This large pharmaceutical company was using Informatica to prepare data for 11,000 Qlik users. There was complex business logic coding in Informatica which required highly technical and expensive resources to develop new marts or extend existing marts for the Qlik community.

Data provisioning bottlenecks led to the end-user developing application coding within Qlik, which was difficult to maintain, share, and validate. Their existing process could take 30 days to define and deliver.

Data360 Analyze was selected to become the business logic layer between delivered data from Informatica and the business requirements in Qlik.

Data360 Analyze empower users to discover and share insights faster with self-service data prep and analytics. The most successful businesses have common denominators: maximizing organizational efficiencies, mitigating risk, growing revenue and innovating – fast. Data360 Analyze is the fastest way to aggregate and organize large amounts of data to uncover valuable insights across business units. Easily access, prep and analyze quality data through its intuitive browser-based architecture.

Read more about how this large pharmaceutical company allowed for better governance by moving the business logic out of Informatica and Qlik into a transparent, traceable Agile ETL process.