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Customer Story

How Personalization in Banking is Driving Next-generation Customer Experiences

What does banking mean to customers today?

The days of queues at the teller and the mahogany desk of the manager are long gone. For a while, the furthest frontier of innovation was digital banking – but now, even with its advantages of great products, pricing, and digital tools, that’s just business as usual.

So, where does that leave customer expectations now, and how could those expectations change the face of banking as we know it?

Andrew Harris is Head of Product at Jenius BankTM, a new digital bank in the U.S., and Richard Bishop is Client Service Delivery Director at Precisely. Together, they revealed what they think will be key experiences for the next generation of banking customers, as well as some exclusive research showing how executives’ attitudes to CX have changed over time.

The insights behind the goals

Research by Corinium confirms that data is at the heart of providing next-level CX. Bishop delved into the results of the report, which surveyed CX- and data-focused executives from 100 global enterprises. Three key, linked findings stood out:

  1. CX strategy is a priority into 2023
  2. Leveraging data will be what drives a world-class experience
  3. CX infrastructure supporting communication management capabilities will be essential to support it all

Read this full customer story to learn more about the key findings that stood out.