Customer Story

Halliburton Re-Energizes Data Processes with Precisely Automate

Founded in 1919, Halliburton has been one of the largest suppliers of products and services to the energy industry for over a century.

Edward Scott is a Business Analyst at the company, focusing on their real estate portfolio. But due to the sheer volume of contract site data that he and the team were continuously inputting, there was virtually no time left over to study and analyze that information – or to clean up inconsistencies that came up along the way.



Using the SAP Real Estate Module, their forms required entry of 180 fields to complete just one piece of master data, relying mostly on GUI scripting.

With so many moving parts for each entry, and the incoming data showing no signs of slowing down, the analyst team found itself in a difficult spot and needed to get creative with a solution.

Scott estimates that 90% of their time was spent inputting data, and any errors that they spotted were simply added to a backlog for later – until they implemented Precisely Automate.

“It gave us a chance to actually start cleaning through that backlog,” Scott says. “It gave us a chance to start dialoguing with the rest of our department and the rest of our organization to clean up our processes, and start to make things work a little more smoothly.”

While the investment in Precisely Automate was meant to cut down on time and increase efficiency, seeing the real impact of the solution in practice was eye-opening, to say the least. After spending two hours setting up their most basic script, the Halliburton team saw the creation time drop from 20 minutes, to just over two minutes – about one-tenth of the time.

While it may be slightly painful for Scott to think back on the time he spent on manual input – “ … about 333 days … that I wasted inputting that information” – the outlook for the future became much brighter.

“I have more confidence in the data,” he says. “I can also pull it a lot quicker, and if I need to fix anything if we notice those inconsistencies, it’s a lot easier to go in and fix it too. Just all-around makes everything easier.”

Watch the video to find out more about how Precisely Automate empowered the analyst team at Halliburton to reach new levels of efficiency.