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Customer Story

Financial Services Firm Saves Millions via Sort Offload to zIIP With Precisely Technology

Syncsort MFX helped this financial services company save millions via Sort Offload to zIIP

With Transaction volumes and workloads soaring, this global financial services and technology company was staring at growing IBM MLC (monthly license charge) costs and a need for expensive capacity upgrades as well. To compound that, internal SLAs are requiring faster transaction processing times to meet the expectations of today’s users.

As with so many companies dealing with new and growing mobile-related and other transaction volumes, controlling (or if possible, reducing) overall mainframe costs is a key objective. To compound the impact of double digit transaction growth, internal SLAs (service level agreements) are requiring faster transaction processing times to meet the expectations of today’s users. Cost and elapsed time were both becoming an issue for this financial services company as picky customers demanded immediate access, faster transaction processing and response times whenever they interacted with the business.

Taking advantage of Syncsort MFX, they attained a yearly savings in the hundreds of thousands. Furthermore, upon install the company saw an immediate reduction in elapsed time and gained a competitive advantage there too. All told, Precisely is now saving them millions of dollars while improving their competitiveness in this particularly challenging sector, while making the mainframe team stand out in the IT organization for leveraging ready-to-implement innovation to address both issues and new opportunities.

The free SMF Analysis Report showed both summary level and detail information on savings from Compression, Copy and Sort offload to zIIP.

Filtered to focus on their critical four hour rolling average window (4HRA), Precisely’s SMF analysis also converted CPU time savings to MIPS/MSUs (and to $) for convenience. The discussion to review the SMF Analysis Report also helped reveal other insights into their sort and may enable them to push off costly upgrades being positioned to them for the near future (driving substantial “cost avoidance” gains).