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Customer Story

Bank Sinar Harapan Bali

With Assure MIMIX HA, Bank Sinar Harapan Bali no longer worries about the availability of its data and applications

Banks can’t lose data. Ever. Data loss is physically possible, but absolutely intolerable. For a bank, losing data may mean losing track of customers’ money. To say the least, that would upset customers and cause many of them to take their business elsewhere. Bank Sinar Harapan Bali (Bank Sinar) needed a way to protect all of its data against any loss anytime.

No bank can afford significant downtime or any data loss. Customers won’t stand for it. Thus, Bank Sinar needed a disaster recovery/high availability solution that would reduce downtime from all causes to a minimum and ensure that all of its data was always protected against any loss.

In the past, Bank Sinar relied on nightly tape backups to protect its data, but that met neither of the bank’s data and application availability requirements. Recovery from tape would have been a very long process, particularly if the tape had to be shipped from another facility. Consequently, tape-based recovery would have required much more downtime than most customers would be willing to tolerate.

Worse, nightly backups left considerable data at risk. With seven main branches, 77 smaller branches and seven cash offices, in addition to its head office, Bank Sinar processes a high volume of transactions every day.

When the bank depended on nightly backups, any transactions created during the day would not be backed up until the following night. That left as much as 24 hours’ worth of data unprotected.

Worse, if the previous night’s backup tape had not yet been shipped offsite or if it was corrupted, which is common with tape, the most recent usable backup tape may have been more than a day old if a disaster destroyed the production data center.

Read our case study for details on how Bank Sinar found success with Assure MIMIX HA.