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Customer Story

Agile ETL for Data Visualization

The explosive growth and adoption of interactive visualization products, such as Tableau, QlikView, and Spotfire, has been driven by the need for business users to access data, perform analysis, and publish results with less dependence on scarce technical resources. Yet, in many cases, business users are still dependent on IT resources to acquire, understand and prepare the disparate data required to perform the analysis that drives true business insight.

Enabling business users to work with detailed data is the critical next horizon in the big data and agile BI revolution.  Precisely addresses that problem head on, complementing interactive visualizations to enable organizations to achieve the full potential of their investments.

Data360 Analyze enables users to quickly and easily bring together new data sources, ensure the quality of the data and increase transparency. This raises data visualization investments to a new level of productivity and impact through agile and transparent ETL and advanced analytic capabilities.

Incomplete and Incompatible Data

In many organizations, data sources tend to be siloed, stored in different formats, scattered across varied locations, and exposed through varying access mechanisms. To truly unleash the power of a visualization product investment, you must be able to quickly acquire, prepare and combine these disparate data sources into a meaningful dataset that can be further explored using these visualization products. More importantly, the inability to leverage a full suite of data sources will lead to the visualization tool rendering an incomplete and incorrect picture.

Read more about the inaccessible data and outdated ETL tools used by this organization and how they overcame data challenges and analytic limitations on a regular basis.