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Customer Story

Agile Data Integration and Transformation

This global media and technology company had a complex system environment (CRM, billing, network, and inventory) presented challenges for comprehensive network analysis. Their 360-degree views of the customer were custom, inconsistent, and took 5 days to create each time. The lack of transparency through the ETL process caused data inaccuracies to occur and in order to maintain the multi-phase agile data integration stages in Informatica, 4+ operators were required on a nightly basis.

They chose Data360 Analyze which is the fastest way to aggregate and organize large amounts of data to uncover valuable insights across business units. Easily access, prep and analyze quality data through its intuitive browser-based architecture. The solution was used to create data marts that were easily queried by account to provide the customer 360-degree view. The data stack was simplified from a highly structured data store into flexible data marts for rapid reporting and data visualization. Limited scope commissioning systems were replaced with repeatable and reliable solutions.

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