Customer stories

99 Fortune 100 companies choose Precisely. Here are a few of their stories.

Comcast logo

Comcast stabilizes a data avalanche and solves a slew of business problems

Carhartt logo

Carhartt finds the perfect fit to save time and boost efficiency with their SAP implementation

Experian logo

Experian’s simplifies complex production processes, and increases efficiency and compliance

Johnson & Johnson logo

Johnson & Johnson builds the business case for change with a strong governance strategy

Keurig logo

Keurig supports growth and expansion through greater data trust and visibility

L'Occitane logo

Groupe L’OCCITANE gets personal with customers, thanks to superior data quality

Keller Williams Logo

Keller Williams transforms into a technology company

OCBC Bank Logo

OCBC Bank improves work processes and efficiency at it’s branches

Mapfre Logo

Mapfre Mexico gains quality client insights with the Spectrum Technology platform

Devon and Cornwall Logo

Devon and Cornwall Police partner with Precisely to keep world leaders safe at G7 Summit

TalkTalk Logo

TalkTalk Buisness achieves better customer results with a new, data-driven billing portal

Under Armour Logo

Under Armour improves performance of SAP master data loading with Automate Studio