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Important: Please be aware that Precisely is providing the Partner Location tool solely as an informational resource and links to partner websites are provided for your convenience. Precisely does not assume any responsibility for the (i) content of, (ii) technology implemented by, or (iii) privacy practices of partner websites and all use is at your own risk. You should review the privacy policies and terms of use for each partner website that you visit and confirm they are acceptable to you prior to registration on or use of the partner website. In no event shall Precisely be liable, directly or indirectly, to anyone for any loss or damage arising from or occasioned by the use of linked websites or the information or material accessed through such websites.  

A partner’s use of any information that you provide to them will be subject to the partner’s own terms and conditions and privacy policies. If you choose to retain a partner, you will be contracting directly with that partner, who will provide services with your direction. Precisely does not endorse any specific partner or its services. 

Partners and/or relevant countries are subject to change from time to time in Precisely’s discretion; various Licensed Products, use cases, sales or exports to certain countries may be subject to additional compliance due diligence and/or approval by Precisely in its discretion and/or subject to certain restrictions, limitations, export licenses, and/or governmental authorizations.