1. Unless specifically agreed or if the license is defined as a SINGLE-USER license, the license shall only apply to one user, i.e. for use of the data at the workplace of one person. Workplace is a computer (PC) or a terminal or an environment of a user (user account) restricted by the operating software on one computer. If the license is designated as multiple license or a multiple user license, it shall be valid for the number of users specified. Multiple licenses or multiple user licenses shall not be concurrent user licenses.

2. If the product is designated as an update or upgrade, the user may only use it in connection with an existing license. The update or upgrade license is only an extension of the existing license and only entitles utilization within its limits.

3. You are entitled to process data only under the following provisions in order to establish its own documents using said data and additional own data, texts or other contents.

(i) In direct correlation with the maps produced using the map data of PSI, the remark: “Map basis GfK GeoMarketing” and in direct correlation with maps, diagrams etc produced using other data of PSI, the remark: “Data basis GfK GeoMarketing” must be provided in these documents unless such a remark is already contained in the graphic produced,

(ii) It is prohibited to make any changes to the basic data outside the utilization to generate own documents, in particular to convert the licensed data into other formats or to extract parts of the data for use which is exceeding the license and to remove copyright marks, names, trademarks or other symbols or typical company designs of GfK Geomarketing.

4. If the licensed purchased is designated as “IN-HOUSE license” or if nothing more specific has been determined, for the use of own documents generated said own documents may only be duplicated for internal company purposes and only made accessible in-house. Any further distribution or making the documents generated publicly accessible, in particular passing then on to third parties (other than third party consultants, auditors, advisors and/or governmental and/or regulatory authorities), commercial marketing or publication in magazines, books or any other form and as one’s own work, is prohibited. The documents may only be duplicated or made accessible through an internal network beyond the work place in a way which does not enable the licensed basic data of the graphics or images generated, in particular of vector data to be read out.