This Service Description (or “SD”) applies to purchases of services with the above referenced SKU (for purposes of this SD, the “Services”) from Precisely Software Incorporated or one of its affiliates (“Precisely”) pursuant to a Quote, Statement of Work or other ordering document (an “Order”). The date on which an Order becomes effective (through the issuance of a purchase order, mutual signature, or otherwise) is the “Effective Date” of such Order.

The terms of this SD as of the Effective Date of an Order shall be incorporated into the Order and apply for the duration of the Services in such Order. For an Order, these terms may not be modified except in writing and signed by both Precisely and Customer.

In Scope:

Precisely will provide project co-ordination between the Customer and the Precisely development operations team who will perform the installation of the hosted Automate product as well as final validation of the environments.

The objective of the Services is to be provide a Customer-facing point of contact to support the communication throughout the installation process by providing the following:

  • Project co-ordination and meeting notes
  • Escalating Customer issues as required
  • Provide regular updates to the Customer
  • Final environment validation

Out of Scope:

  • Anything not detailed in the above section will be considered out of scope.


  • Customer will provide a resource to act as a project manager. This is the primary Customer contact will:
    • Be the recipient of all project communications
    • Have the authority to act on all aspects of the Services or has access to this authority in a timely manner
    • Coordinate Customer participation on calls and ensure management decisions are made in a timely manner
    • Be responsible for communicating key actions and decisions in a timely manner to all Customer stakeholders and the Precisely project coordinator
  • For the duration of this service, Customer staff will be available as required for consultation to answer questions and provide clarification of the material gathered.


  • All installations must be completed within six (6) months. Any prepayments for Services not used in six (6) months from the effective date of the Order shall not be refundable.
  • All activities shall be performed during normal working hours (Mon-Fri, 8:00 am-5:00 pm local time).

Terms & Conditions:

Precisely’s provision of Services described above is subject to the following terms: in https://www.precisely.com/ps-terms (the “Agreement”).  In the event of a conflict between the terms of the Agreement and this SD, the terms and conditions of this SD shall control.

Services as described in this SD will be considered complete on the first to occur of the following (the “Termination Date”):

  • Completion of all Services Ordered, or
  • Completion of the installation by Precisely development operations team, or
  • Six (6) months from the Order date.

Capitalized terms defined in the Agreement shall have the same meaning in this Addendum unless otherwise noted.