The following is a high-level description of the Data Integration Service (the “Service”)—part of the Precisely Data Integrity Suite.


This Service assists Customers with designing, deploying and monitoring real-time data replication pipelines from a variety of source systems to streaming platforms like Apache Kafka. The Service integrates with the Kafka schema registry to help maintain metadata integrity.

Key capabilities include (a) a dynamic, browser-based UI, (b) intuitive design making it easier for Users to build, deploy, and monitor real-time replication pipelines, and (c) a hybrid cloud architecture allowing Users to design and monitor in the cloud, while sensitive data never leaves the Customer environment. Supported technologies for this Service currently include Db2 for IBM i, Db2 for z/OS, and Oracle sources to Kafka targets.


“Clusters” means a group of two or more computers (nodes) that run in parallel and work in combination as a single more powerful machine.

“Instance” means a virtual server that runs workloads in a cloud environment, including ones for production, non-production, and disaster recovery.

“LPAR” means a logical partition on a computer server, generally a subset of a server’s hardware resources, virtualized as a separate computer hosting a separate instance of an operating system.

“MSU” means the measurement of the amount of processing work a mainframe computer can perform in one hour expressed in million service units.