The following is a high-level description of the various Data Enrichment Services (each a “Service”)—part of the Precisely Data Integrity Suite.


Enrichment Data Generally

Enrichment using datasets from the Precisely Data Catalog is available to include in a Data Quality Pipeline or in TrueView reporting and visualization. A workspace requires a separate subscription entitlement for each dataset in a collection. Separate subscriptions apply to different platforms used with Data Integrity Suite. Contact your Precisely sales representative for details.

Data Graph API Service

The Data Graph API Service allows Precisely Customers to perform declarative queries against certain Precisely Enrich Data resources. Entitlement to the Data Graph API allows a Customer to query any of the following data types available. Contact your Precisely sales representative for details.

  • Address Fabric™ Data – a current and comprehensive list of all known addresses for a country
  • Serviceability – Information about mail delivery indicators, detailed land use information, and building designations such as multi-dwelling unit, multi-tenant unit, or mixed use property
  • Property Attributes – Information to gain insights about a location, providing valuable attributes about the characteristic makeup of a property (see applicable flow down terms below)
  • Places – Accurate business locations and detailed information about the companies
  • Buildings – Detailed building footprints enriched with characteristics to provide insights related to structures on a property
  • Parcels – Property boundaries and attribution to support property analysis and linkage to other property features


Allotment and Credits Usage:

Defined Terms: In the context of the Data Graph API, the following terms have the meanings below regardless of how defined in other governing agreements:

Allotment” means the number of Credits purchased by Customer to be used to access Records.

Billing Period” means the period set forth in an Order for which an Allotment has been purchased. This will typically be a year period but could be otherwise as mutually agreed.

Credit” means the number of pre-purchased credits in an Order to by used the purchase Record output as described below.

Customer Data” in the context of the Data Graph API means any data, such as an address record, geographic data, telephone number, individual or business record or user query, or other material submitted by Customer to the Service or provided by Customer to Precisely for the performance of the Service.

Record” means each individual grouping of associated data elements identified by a unique Record ID as described below. For clarity, in a database, a record is the row not the column(s) of individual fields.

Transacting with Credits:

  1. Once an Allotment of Credits is purchased pursuant to an Order, those Credits can be used to transact in the Data Graph API Service.
  2. The number of Credits used will based on the number of Records returned from a Customer query for each Data Type (output-based pricing) using the following allocation model. Credits will be used per Record received regardless of the number of fields returned in the query.
Data Graph API Data Type Record ID Field Credits per Record
Addresses (Address Fabric™ Data) preciselyID 1
Serviceability serviceabilityID 1
Property Attributes propertyAttributeID 2
Places pointOfInterestID 2
Buildings buildingID 3
Parcels parcelID 3


Additional Applicable Terms:

The following additional terms are required flow down terms applicable to these Services:


Region—United States
Product Required Flow Down Terms
Property Attributes
Places Licensee is expressly prohibited from using the Places Point of Interest Data as a factor in establishing an individual’s eligibility for (i) credit or insurance to be used primarily for personal, family or household purposes, (ii) employment, or (iii) to engage in unfair or deceptive practices.