What is SAP Process Automation?

SAP process automation delivers a combination of desktop and workflow automation capabilities that help you streamline and automate processes across your SAP landscape, helping you go faster, be more agile, improve initial data quality.  Doing this enables your business teams to make an impact at scale.

Why is SAP Process Automation Important?

You rely on SAP ERP to run your business, but SAP data creation and management processes can be some of the most notoriously complex and time-consuming processes. Spreadsheet-based data management, manual data entry and email routing are often at the root of slow, error-prone, and ungoverned processes for your SAP data, and these practices increase business risk and can put you at a competitive disadvantage.  Automating these. Mass data processes can eliminate manual data entry errors and cut data processing and entry times by over 90%. For complex, data-intensive processes that require the participation of people across your organization, workflow automation delivers process governance, visibility and agility that improves business results and reduces risk.

Best Practices for SAP Automation - A roadmap for building success from the inside

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How Precisely Can Help

The Precisely Automate portfolio is designed to enable business and functional SAP teams to develop automation solutions without the need to engage IT for changes and updates constantly. With this portfolio, customers can speed up complex SAP business processes - such as materials, customer, vendor, and finance - gain business agility and improve data quality and governance through our built-in data stewardship tools.