What is SAP material master data?

Material master data is a comprehensive set of data describing a specific material's characteristics and attributes. It acts as a central hub for data on the various materials throughout your organization – like raw materials, finished goods, and components. 

Why is SAP material master data important?

Data in the material master (SAP mm) provides essential details about your materials, including:

  • description
  • classification
  • dimensions
  • unit of measure
  • pricing

With insights into elements like these, it’s easy to see why material master data is so critical to get right – areas throughout your organization rely on this information, and it’s the foundation of any efficient supply chain and inventory management system.

But creating and maintaining all that data is a real challenge, especially if you’re a large organization that’s still using manual, error-prone processes to manage materials and SAP product data processes.

How to Improve Efficiency with Automating Materials Master Data

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How can Precisely help with your SAP material master data?

Think about all the time spent on day-to-day manual data creation and maintenance of materials, Bills of Materials (BoMs), routings, and other SAP product data. 

Automating materials master data means you can digitize and accelerate the creation and maintenance of this data to improve efficiency, compliance, and governance; it means your processes are streamlined for success.

To stay on top of your mountain of data maintenance tasks, you can use Excel-based solutions that exchange data with SAP in the background – eliminating data entry via the SAP GUI.

Precisely Automate empowers SAP analysts, SAP super users, and master data professionals to build these SAP-enabled Excel workbooks with a simple “record, map, run” process.

These workbooks help you create or change thousands of records in a matter of minutes and can validate and standardize data along the way to improve data quality. Not only does productivity soar, but morale improves, and people have more time for higher-value tasks.

Average time savings with automation*

  • MM01 t-code (create material): 89%
  • MM02 (change material): 77%

*using the Excel-based Automate Studio

Automated material master data management brings several benefits that can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your business operations:

  • Improve efficiency: process data more quickly and accurately to achieve greater overall speed and agility. This increased efficiency allows you to be more responsive to changing market demands while saving valuable time and resources. 
  • Streamline procurement and order fulfillment processes: with accurate and up-to-date data, you can easily identify the right materials to procure, ensure proper inventory levels, and optimize the order fulfillment process. This improves operational efficiency and enhances customer satisfaction by ensuring timely and accurate deliveries.
  • Enhance reporting and analytics: material master data contains critical information that can be used for reporting and analytics purposes. Automated data management systems provide comprehensive and reliable data, allowing you to generate meaningful reports, perform in-depth analyses, and gain valuable insights into your business performance. 

Benefits like these and more enable the speed, agility, and data quality you need to gain and maintain a competitive edge. Ready for more accurate and confident decision-making – faster? Get started today.