What is capacity management?

See how Precisely's capacity management tools can help you optimize your data infrastructure


The goal of capacity management is to create an IT environment which is appropriately sized for the organization in question. 

Too much IT infrastructure is wasteful, while too little is going to stand in the way of day to day operations and growth. Not only does capacity management need to consider the present-day needs of the organization, but also the needs which are expected to present in the years ahead. 

Successful capacity management can keep costs under control while still providing a business with all of the technological resources necessary to thrive. 

Planning IT Capacity

It is not particularly difficult to size an IT environment correctly based on present-day needs. With just a little bit of preparation, the right collection of hardware and software can be put into action. It is the planning required to anticipate future needs that is really the challenge in terms of capacity management. 

Benefits of Capacity Management

There is plenty of motivation to make capacity management a high priority as it is going to directly impact the bottom line. When resources are managed efficiently, cost savings are enjoyed and the business is better positioned for the future. 

In addition to the savings experienced by not purchasing too much equipment, the business can also save thanks to the improved efficiency of day to day work. With an IT environment suitable for the tasks at hand, employees won’t be bogged down by technological hurdles. 

How Precisely can help

Precisely offers capacity management solutions to make sure you are at proper investment levels. Learn more about Precisely Capacity Management and our capacity planning services