FAQ: Support for CEDAR CX Technologies Customers

You’ll continue to work with your Technical Account Manager (TAM), however, you now have access to enhanced support functionality with the Precisely Support website: support.precisely.com. You can work with your TAM to learn more.

The Precisely Support Organization has a variety of online functionalities to help its customers. As CEDAR CX Technologies Support is now part of the Precisely Support Organization, this means those online functionalities are now available to you. Here’s a closer look:

  • Support Website: your central hub for all support needs, which connects you to all other online support resources.
  • Support Contact Information: if your TAM isn’t available, navigate here to get connected with another member of the team who will be ready to help.
  • Case Management: our portal provides the ability to submit, update and monitor your cases. When we update the case, you’ll be notified, and you can view updates at any time. The Customer Community provides the ability to submit, update, and monitor your cases.

Additional support functionality utilized by other Precisely products and services may be introduced over time to enhance your support experience.

  • Products: Find your product to access documentation & knowledge articles.
  • Knowledge Base: Get the answers to many of your questions within a library of technical and how-to articles.
  • Ideas Community: Submit your innovative ideas around existing Precisely solutions and future offerings.
  • Precisely Knowledge Communities: Connect with other users and discuss topics around your Precisely solution and find additional product announcements.
  • Precisely Education: Access flexible programs for end users and partners using Precisely solutions.
  • Precisely Data Experience: Access and download Precisely datasets and software.
  • Precisely APIs: Enrich your data, and enhance your applications, business processes, and workflows with dozens of powerful location & identity APIs
  • Software Maintenance Handbook: Get all the details you need on the many support options available to you – including software support services, standard support agreement, product release support policy, and technical account management.

Current contact information for your region can be found on the Precisely Support home page. The contact information for your TAM is not changing.

Yes, we’re moving to the Precisely Support Organization email address: support@precisely.com.

With this move towards providing a unified support experience, support@precisely.com will become the primary email address for raising issues and customer support inquiries. Your TAM will also use this email when responding to your support questions.

While we continue to work through this transition, you’ll still be able to use the existing written channels you’re used to – including direct access to your assigned TAM.

Your TAM will have more information detailing how and when these processes will change.

Please contact your assigned TAM or Support at support@precisely.com if you’d like to register for Online Case Management (Customer Community).

Additionally, please explore our guide, How to Access and Use the Precisely Customer Community, to familiarize yourself with the functionality and features of the Customer Community.

Your Precisely user account is the email address you use to access the Precisely.com web apps: Online Case ManagementPrecisely Ideas, and Precisely Knowledge Communities.

Please contact your assigned TAM or Support at support@precisely.com and they can create your Precisely user account which gives you access to Online Case Management (Customer Community), Precisely Ideas and Precisely Knowledge Communities.

Update your case details and view your case list from the Customer Community, under, My Support Cases.

Before creating your next case, please review the Case Creation Guidelines for an overview of how to navigate the Precisely Knowledge Base, and a guide on the information required to create a case.

To create a new case from the Customer Community, navigate to Create a Case.

Yes, it can be found in this Knowledge Base article.

Yes, all new cases created from the migration date onwards will have a case number in the format: PRE-XXXXXXXX.

Severity 1 issues should always be raised by phone to ensure that you can speak with a Support Representative who can assist you with your issue.

You should contact your assigned TAM, or use support.precisely.com to find current Precisely Support contact information for your region.

“Severity 1” or “P1” incidents are those that cause a total, or near total, outage due to the unavailability of a critical production system.

P1 is the highest priority level and indicates a complete operational standstill or halt of a critical production system or work capabilities.

In no event will a ticket be assigned a P1 priority level for a non-production environment or for which a workaround, alternative, or bypass exists.

You can still contact your client engagement manager or TAM for product enhancement requests.

Alternatively, to submit your innovative ideas around existing and future product offerings, visit the Precisely Ideas Community (ideas.precisely.com).

We’re happy to provide this open, collaborative space for you to share ideas freely.

You can submit new ideas or comment on existing ideas, with transparency to all participants. You also have the unique opportunity to contribute to an idea’s overall popularity by promoting the idea. Our Product Management team reviews popular ideas and evaluates their potential for inclusion in our development plans.

The Precisely Ideas Community can also be found at support.precisely.com. More information can be found in this Knowledge Base article.

Your assigned TAM will continue to communicate with you about future release notes and general product notifications.