Understanding Zero Trust Security for IBM i


As security threats continue to evolve and increase, companies need to also adapt their

approach to IT security.  One important concept that is gaining in popularity and adoption is zero trust security.  The main concept behind the zero trust security model is “never trust, always verify,” which means that devices should not be trusted by default, even if they are connected to a permissioned network such as a corporate LAN and even if they were previously verified.

 Zero Trust means moving beyond a perimeter security strategy.  As companies offer customers and business partners new digital experiences and processes, networks can be local, in the cloud, or a combination or hybrid with resources anywhere as well as workers in any location.  This dynamic is impacting IBM i customers and zero trust security is an important element of a modern security strategy.

Join us for this webcast to hear about:

  • Understanding zero trust security concepts
  • Zero trust security in the real world
  • Zero trust security for IBM i environments