Preventing Downtime with Better IT Operations Management


In today’s increasingly digital world, IT systems and services have become essential for business operations.  For customers with IBM Z or IBM I systems that handle business-critical workloads, downtime, even for a short period, can have a significant impact on productivity, revenue, and customer satisfaction.

Therefore, it is crucial for these businesses to implement effective IT operations management strategies to minimize downtime and ensure the smooth functioning of their IT infrastructure. Investing in IT operations management (ITOM) tools that provide centralized visibility and control over IT infrastructure can help you monitor, manage, and optimize IT resources.  This can significantly reduce the risk of downtime, improve IT service availability, and enhance overall IT operations efficiency.

Join us for this webcast to hear about:

  • The importance of IT Operations Management
  • The role of ITOM tools
  • Common causes of downtime
  • Strategies for preventing downtime