Are you giving your IBM i systems the protection they need?


It is sometimes difficult to understand the true value of IBM’s Power-based CPUs and associated server platforms. Power Systems are known for their scalability, reliability, and performance with the most demanding workloads. Generally, these systems are running the most important, mission-critical applications in a company’s IT environment.

Given the critical nature of these workloads, customers should be hyper-focused on doing everything they can to ensure the performance, availability, and security of these systems. It is important to analyze your needs against the available technologies and then look for solutions that support your current needs. You need to leverage all the IBM i system’s powerful security features, wrap layers of security around the OS and its data, and ensure a level of high availability required to support mission-critical systems.

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  • Availability and DR options to protect critical workloads
  • Protection against data breaches and malware attacks
  • Reporting, monitoring, and visibility into IBM i health