5 Reasons Observability of your Mainframe and IBM i is Critical for IT


Monitoring and observability can both be a critical part of a healthy IT environment. While they both rely on similar data and metrics, they are not the same thing. Observability moves beyond monitoring and alerting to help detect and solve the root cause of the issue.

Observability measures the internal states of a system by examining its outputs, and successful observability strategies make it easier for teams to identify IT issues before they cause disruption. In the past, IT teams have had to be reactive when it comes to managing these challenges and it can still take days or weeks to discover the root cause of problems. Observability enables IT teams to identify anomalies that present a potential IT issue and address those anomalies before they become a major problem.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • The difference between monitoring and observability
  • How observability can identify the root cause of an IT issue
  • The top justifications for implementing observability for your mainframe and IBM i systems