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Precisely and Cloudera offer an end-to-end approach to making all enterprise data available in a single cloud environment for strategic projects such as analytics, AI and machine learning

Scale data with confidence

The potential for data to transform your organization is greater than ever. To be data-driven, you need the most effective solutions to integrate, cleanse, enrich, and share data throughout your business. If you live in a world of silos and untrusted data, you risk shrinking market share and falling behind competitors.

Together, Precisely and Cloudera provide a flexible, scalable, and cost-effective solution for unlocking the power of data to compete and win with analytics.

The Precisely portfolio of data integration, data quality, location intelligence, and data enrichment products seamlessly delivers accurate, consistent data to the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP), so business initiatives can move forward with confidence. Use this data to fuel powerful advanced analytics and AI/ML projects across hybrid and multi-cloud environments with CDP.

Precisely also provides native integration with CDP and can be deployed in the data center, public cloud or multi-cloud hybrid CDP implementations.

Choosing the wrong approach for integrating on-premises legacy data sources in the cloud will result in cumbersome, costly, and complex IT environments. As a result, modernization efforts fail and the benefits of moving workloads to the cloud are minimal. To fully modernize your IT environment, you need solutions that provide flexible options to integrate all your data sources, no matter where they reside.

Precisely provides a best-of-breed solution with native integration to the Cloudera Data Platform. Precisely’s data integration software, Connect, can be deployed in the data center, public cloud or multi-cloud hybrid versions of CDP. Connect’s design once, deploy anywhere approach simplifies the design and execution of jobs and accelerates building data pipelines within CDP.

As the number and variety of data sources rapidly grows, so does the challenge of deriving value from the data they produce. Additionally, while new data from new sources grows every day, existing transaction and operational data generated from the mainframe or IBM i continues to be a critical part of most enterprise functions.

If you want a real competitive edge, your organization faces an imperative: access and gain value from all enterprise data. It’s the only true way to power edge-to-AI analytics.

Precisely helps you get a solid ROI from all your data by seamlessly accessing, transforming, enriching, and delivering critical data from a variety of sources for use in the CDP stack. Regardless of whether data comes from the mainframe, IBM i or an on-premises database, the Precisely portfolio ensures it’s available for your downstream applications and analytics platforms.

Your organization relies on data to uncover new insights more than ever. In many cases, there are core data sets that are essential for multi-function analytics projects that fuel a variety of use cases.

In an ideal world, multi-function analytics are executed by simply collecting data and seeing that data through to its downstream target. However, data silos spread across the enterprise can disrupt this collection, resulting in incomplete data lakes that impact the success of all your projects.

Together, Cloudera and Precisely help ensure your multi-function analytics success. Precisely Connect ingests data from across the enterprise – even mainframes and IBM i systems – and delivers it to the Cloudera Data Warehouse, where it is used with Cloudera’s powerful unified analytics platform.

The fresher the data, the better it serves your organization to gain critical insights and a competitive advantage. As a result, you need to detect and capture data changes in as close to real time as possible. If real-time visibility into data changes does not happen, your business will be making decisions based on “yesterday’s news.”

With Connect’s data replication capabilities, you can be confident your organization has access to the latest data, when you need it. Connect captures, transforms, and replicates data from production databases to Cloudera Data Platform in real time. Additionally, Connect offers integration with NiFi and Kafka. Connect’s light footprint does not affect the performance of source systems, a unique feature only delivered by Precisely.

Organizations miss critical insight when they cannot access and make data available when it is needed. But accessing data is not enough if that data is not accurate, valid, and fit-for-purpose. When data quality is low, business users who depend on it for insights will lose confidence and are vulnerable to making incorrect decisions.

Ensure that you understand your data and that it is accurate, consistent, and complete for confident business decisions with Precisely data quality solutions. Precisely data quality solutions help business users quickly profile data to obtain maximum understanding and apply business rules to test its quality. By natively leveraging the distributed architecture of CDP, you can standardize, cleanse, enrich and match data at the highest scale. Precisely helps you deliver a trusted outcome to meet the high demands of the business.

Advanced geospatial and geo-enrichment capabilities are becoming increasingly important in analytics. Location-based data plays a critical role in how businesses understand their customers, assets, and competitors. It’s also one of the most consistent ways to link people, places, and things. However location data, which is traditionally map-based, may not be in a format that is easily integrated into business processes.

Use the scalable architecture of CDP and Precisely’s location intelligence tools to support your strategic analytics, AI and machine learning initiatives with a reliable, stable, and enhanced data foundation.

Precisely’s Spectrum Spatial for Big Data and data enrichment solutions integrate datasets and empower businesses with accurate geocoding and geo-enrichment related to boundaries, points of interest, demographics, and more. Organizations that make use of these capabilities ultimately improve overall compliance, reduce operational costs, enhance customer experience, and secure a competitive advantage in the market

Precisely’s location intelligence and data solutions work with CDP to integrate address and spatial data into your business processes. Use our unique and persistent location identifier, the PreciselyID or a geohash id, to join spatial data together with over 9,000 pre-processed attributes for greater location-based insight.

These long-term benefits and enhanced business insights fuel digital transformation and data analytics across industries. For example, financial services providers can leverage location data to accurately monitor the movement of funds to mitigate risk, protect against fraudulent activities, and comply with regulations. Telecommunications providers can use location information to identify areas for coverage improvement, enhance customer relationships, and optimize marketing analytics. Insurance providers can rest assured that they’re providing the right amount of coverage to customers in any given area because they will have a complete view of a customer’s location and imminent dangers they may face. Across industries, Cloudera and Precisely solutions ensure that they are accessing the highest quality data.

Webinar: Connecting Legacy Data Sources to the Data Lifecycle

For most organizations, current data management practices are disjointed. It is not uncommon for organizations to have a mix of contemporary infrastructures, legacy data stores (e.g. mainframe and IBM i), increasing data volumes and hybrid data storage environments (on-premises and cloud). As a result, it becomes impossible to create a process which enables or simplifies data-driven use cases.

Watch this webinar to learn how Cloudera and Precisely help organizations develop an agnostic data platform, helping you to view and act upon all aspects of the data life cycle – including IoT and AI/ML applications within one security and governance data fabric.

Precisely Data Experience

Take the guesswork out of your data acquisition strategy by finding, evaluating and sampling data for free.

Many organizations view data as a catalyst to growth and a key part of digital transformation initiatives. Data marketplaces provide the insights required to act contextually, confidently and quickly.

The time to achieve these business goals is accelerated by the Precisely Data Experience as organizations:

  • Gain in-depth access to an industry-leading data catalog featuring hundreds of global datasets;
  • Acquire data from a single source rather than vetting and contracting with multiple disconnected suppliers;
  • Decrease upfront costs and accelerate cycle-time using tools to find and test data efficiently;
  • Share data and insights across the organization using plug-and-play data capabilities for geospatial and business applications;
  • Leverage peer-to-peer knowledge and industry best practices.

With the Precisely Data Experience, teams are empowered to confidently embrace data-driven decisions, deliver superior customer experiences, support product and service innovation, and optimize business processes.

Browse and download free sample data.

Building a future-ready data platform

Precisely and Cloudera help enterprises around the world improve customer experiences, increase operational intelligence, and develop solutions to the challenges that stand in the way of innovation. Even the most daunting task of accessing and analyzing mainframe and IBM i data is simplified using our joint solution.

As a Cloudera technology partner for nearly a decade, Precisely has consistently been first to market with the latest Cloudera certifications, including becoming the first ISV certified on the Cloudera Data Platform in January 2020.

Organizations that use the industry-leading Precisely data software with CDP can also take advantage of Precisely technical account management. Technical account management services include strategy, technology, applications, and on-premises and cloud environments.

Precisely has a comprehensive knowledge of CDP that ensures businesses can solve specific challenges related to their unique business needs. Together, Precisely and Cloudera build a scalable foundation of data to reinvent enterprise initiatives in the most efficient way possible.

Cloudera Technology Certified