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Your organization has access to more data than ever. You’ve been collecting, saving, and analyzing this data to use for everything from better marketing and customer service to protecting your company from fraud.

However, many companies don’t know what customer data they have, where they have it or what’s been done with it. This uncertainty prevents you from fully realizing the value of your data — and, now, with regulations like GDPR, it potentially opens up your organization to a lot of risk.

How can your organization trust this data and consistently achieve superior data integrity to comply with data privacy regulations, enable accurate analytics, support self-service initiatives and manage true omnichannel customer experience?

Rapid evolution in both IT and business has elevated the need for comprehensive data governance solutions spanning data quality, data integration, data catalogs and metadata management.

Learn how Precisely’s integration with Collibra Data Governance Center can help with your data governance challenges.

Integrating Data Quality into your Data Governance Strategy

For both analytics and compliance, your company needs a comprehensive view of all your customer data – with no personal data left behind. Unfortunately, this can be very challenging.

The need to be more data-driven to innovate and stay ahead of the competition has spurred the collection of vast amounts of data about customers and their behavior. At the same time, applications using this data have traditionally been owned by specific departments – for example, sales, marketing, support, etc. – which has led to data silos across organizations.

Proper governance of your customer data includes finding it across all systems and determining if it is fit for use. With Spectrum Discovery, you can easily classify, locate and tag data for quick access, collaboration and streamlined insight.

It’s also critical to track usage of, and changes made, to the data over time.  Spectrum Discovery provides end-to-end data lineage, so you have all the insights you need on data origins, movements, characteristics and quality. Understanding the consequences of these changes can guide decisions around data governance, business projects or compliance.

Learn how to “Unlock the Value in your Data Assets” with Precisely’s data governance solutions.

To realize the value of your data – and adhere to governance standards — the information workers across your organization need to have a common, agreed-upon and documented understanding of what the most important data is, what it’s called and where it’s used.

Spectrum Discovery helps you gain a clear enterprise-wide understanding of core concepts and data definitions by establishing a robust glossary for all your data assets for more effective mapping, models, lineage and impact analysis.

Efficient-to-deploy and easy-to-manage, the glossary sets the foundation for effective data governance. With a user-friendly web interface, you can easily create, edit, delete and re-use business entities.

Business users can agree together on definitions, business rules and policies in a dedicated workflow and share them with all data users to facilitate collaboration and data democratization.

And you can quickly manage and customize the glossary for your unique business needs using pre-populated industry assets and semantic intelligence.

This robust and future-proof data glossary evolves with your needs while making data governance and analysis more transparent, collaborative and efficient.

Learn more about Spectrum Discovery. 

Data quality and data governance share something of a ‘symbiotic relationship’. Data governance needs appropriate data quality tools not only to clean raw data, but to illustrate data errors, peculiarities and issues, in order to help compile the best standards and monitor data quality against policies for critical data elements over time.

Precisely partnered with Collibra to make industry-leading data validation and data quality monitoring capabilities an integrated component of the Collibra Data Governance Center.

Whether focused on compliance efforts such as AML, CCPA, FATCA, GDPR, HIPAA, KYC or other regulatory requirements – or focused on value-creating business initiatives – data quality not only strengthens data governance compliance, but also empowers the best business decisions.

Download this eBook “Adding Data Governance Insights with Data Quality” to see how Precisely’s Trillium data quality solutions provide robust, scalable data profiling for a complete view of your data.

A more holistic framework

Driven by increasing numbers of data sources, data volumes and pressing compliance mandates like GDPR and CCPA, data governance is top-of-mind for many Chief Data Officers and governance teams charged with protecting critical data assets.

Data governance as a holistic framework is about the set of policies, processes, rules, roles and responsibilities that help organizations manage the corporate effort to best use and manage data. Data governance helps to answer questions like: How do you define the key outcomes for your business? What goals are you trying to accomplish to meet those outcomes as you’re working with data? How do you establish trust in data to support business decisions? Based on regulations and policies, how do you manage and protect those assets? And how do you ensure employees of your organization understand the challenges and responsibilities in managing these data assets?

Data governance as a practice helps ensure the availability, usability, integrity, accuracy, compliance and security of data to meet your business outcomes and objectives.

Download the whitepaper “Overcome Business Compliance Challenges with Better Data Quality and Data Governance” and see how the intersection of data quality and data governance can help you overcome compliance challenges.