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Digital archiving for customer engagement has specific needs that regular Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions struggle to meet. Digital archiving solutions need to reliably store and retrieve high volumes of auto-generated communications that businesses send to their customers, often on a monthly basis. Think of bills, statements, policy documents and more. These communications require storage for several reasons including records management, customer self-service, reprints and more. EngageOne™ Vault is a proven and trusted digital archive that is used by many of the world’s largest brands across financial services, insurance and other industries to streamline and deliver outstanding customer experience.

Digital Archiving Solution

Las Vegas Valley Water District

With frequent address changes, LVVWD needed a solution that would ensure the accuracy of customer addresses. Automation of manual statements was another consideration. In general, the LVVWD needed to improve its billing and customer service offerings while maximizing efficiency.

Better formatted bills have reduced the number of customer calls that our service center receives, and access to archived bills has made the customer service and resolution process faster and easier

Alisa Mann, Customer Services Manager
Las Vegas Water District

EngageOne™ Vault loads communications incredibly fast. For businesses who have millions of customers and generate millions of communications at a time, you need a digital archive that can load these communications swiftly to make them available for your customers and support agents to view online as soon as possible. Some of EngageOne™ Vault’s largest users load over 4 million communication pages per hour without requiring expensive hardware.

Digital archives must support thousands of concurrent communication retrieval requests with sub-second response times. If you have thousands of customers wanting to view their latest bill or statement at the same time, then you can’t afford to deliver anything but the best performance, even on low-bandwidth connections, if you are committed to delivering an excellent customer experience.

You need efficient storage. Customers expect to find and retrieve documents that might be over ten years old, particularly mortgage and pension documents. They expect access to any communication, when and how they want. EngageOne™ Vault’s industry-leading compression lets you store over 2 million communication pages per gigabyte, meaning you can store billions of communications online while maintaining sub-second search and retrieval times, without requiring expensive hardware.

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Complying with regulations like GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) and PCI (Payment Card Industry) go beyond security. GDPR requires you to be able to delete individual customer communications at a customer’s request and keep a record of what was deleted and when. EngageOne™ Vault’s approach to purging communications lets you easily meet this requirement. And from a security perspective, EngageOne™ Vault includes industry-proven approaches for encryption (storage and transport), authentication, access control and auditability. EngageOne™ Vault has been deployed into many GDPR and PCI compliant environments.

Compliance with record management laws also requires you to purge communications from your stores when they reach a certain age. This, too, is a standard feature of EngageOne™ Vault.

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Whatever format you use to communicate with your customers, be it print or electronic, you need to be able to view an exact replica of the communication, as viewed by your customer, for many years to come.

For print streams this means being able to render them to a PDF/A format and, where appropriate, emulating pre-printed paper of the original document. For responsive HTML this means being able to re-render communications in the way they originally looked across different screen sizes. It also means being able to archive and link any referenced images, stylesheets and other referenced resources for as long as the communications need to be kept.

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Easy and secure integration into both internal systems like a call center, as well as into customer-facing portals is possible using the web services provided by EngageOne™ Vault.

Easy interfaces to support the re-issue of communications and mobile printing are especially important in an omnichannel world. If you’re legally required to communicate something to your customers and an electronic communication bounces back, then you need an easy – ideally automated – way to resolve this.

A common approach to resolving delivery failures on one channel is to escalate to alternative channels. EngageOne™ Vault provides interfaces that make this type of channel escalation easy and efficient.

When your customer logs into your portal they want access to all their communications. Similarly, when a customer calls your call center, your customer support agent needs to be able to find and easily retrieve any communication related to that customer. They need to be able to see all communications in one place without needing to search for individual documents across different print streams. This customer-centric view using key customer identifiers is a key feature of EngageOne™ Vault. You can automatically present your customer support agents with a customer’s complete communication history in less than a second.

To deliver the experience your customers demand, you need a customer centric view of all the interactions, irrespective of where they are stored. CMIS (Content Management Interoperability Services) is a standard that makes creating a federated view of communications for each customer easy, even if the communication is stored across different systems. CMIS is a standard EngageOne™ Vault feature.

For a digital archive to meet your omnichannel customer experience requirements, it also needs to be able to notify customers when new communications are available to view online. EngageOne™ Vault uses best-of-breed components from across the EngageOne™ Suite to seamlessly notify customers of new online communications via personalized email, SMS and mobile app push notifications.

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If you are looking for the most efficient way to securely deliver your customer communications online then EngageOne™ Vault will have you up and running fast. Furthermore, EngageOne™ Vault seamlessly scales to support billions of online communications and easily integrates with your front and back office systems.