Syncsort and Collibra deliver new standard in data quality for GDPR and other key data governance initiatives

Collibra Data Governance Center integration with Syncsort’s Trillium Discovery links business and data quality rules to ensure the highest levels of trust and compliance

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Syncsort, the global leader in Big Iron to Big Data software, and Collibra, a leader in data governance software solutions for business users, today announced delivery of automated connectivity between Syncsort’s industry-renowned Trillium Discovery product and the Collibra Data Governance Center. This integration can help companies address data quality under the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other key regulatory initiatives.

The new solution, unveiled today at the Collibra Data Citizens ’18 conference is the result of a technology partnership announced last June.

GDPR is a data protection and privacy law aimed, in part, at giving European Union (EU) citizens back control of their personal data. It imposes strict rules on organizations hosting and processing this data, anywhere in the world. Since most global companies conduct business in EU countries, they may need to comply with its mandate to protect personal data and its movement within and outside the EU.

“Driven by increasing numbers of data sources, data volumes and pressing compliance mandates like GDPR, data governance is top of mind for many of our customers. That’s why Syncsort partnered with Collibra to make industry-leading data validation and data quality monitoring capabilities an integrated component of the Collibra Data Governance Center,” said Tendü Yoğurtçu, CTO, Syncsort. “We are excited to deliver our new, joint solution at a time when organizations are racing to meet the looming GDPR deadline, and want to fortify their governance initiatives concerning data accuracy to help address increasing customer and regulatory demands.”

Data quality is important to GDPR because the regulation gives customers the right to access and correct their personal data and have a say in how long the data can be retained, ultimately empowering citizens’ data privacy. In addition, organizations may need to be able to demonstrate to auditors that they have operational processes in place designed to protect the integrity of personal data and provide visibility as to how they are maintaining the accuracy of that data.

The new solution provides “out-of-the-box” integration between Trillium Discovery and the Collibra data governance platform to help companies address data integrity issues posed by GDPR. It provides synchronized bi-directional links to continuously monitor and refresh key data quality metrics from Syncsort’s data quality software and robust business policies and standards in the Collibra Data Governance Center. It allows data stewards to define and manage business level policies, rules and measures, and dashboard results for an unmatched view of data quality, track trends and proactively resolve issues.

“Customers are increasingly data-savvy and understand how organizations use their data, and are aware of the threat of cyber data theft. For this reason, organizations recognize that data quality is critical, with its ability to provide data “traceability” and continually ensure its quality for GDPR and other compliance mandates,” said Stijn Christiaens, Co-founder and CTO, Collibra. “We partnered with Syncsort to integrate their data quality products with the Collibra Data Governance Center to provide the data quality metrics they require as an integrated component of our best-in-class data governance platform for the pinnacle of data stewardship and trust.”

Learn more about the new solution at Collibra Data Citizens ‘18 in Jersey City from April 30-May 2, 2018.