Precisely Expands Global Data Enrichment and Geo Addressing Coverage, Unlocking Location-Based Context for Customers Around the World

Data integrity leader extends commitment to power global businesses with fast and easy data enrichment for confident decision-making


Precisely, the global leader in data integrity, today announced the regional expansion of its unique location identifier, the PreciselyID, for its World Points of Interest (POI) data offering. Points of interest located in the US, Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg, the Netherlands, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Sweden, and Singapore now benefit from accurate, standardized, and meaningful data – allowing businesses to streamline location-based decision-making across multiple regions of operation.

Disruption from the pandemic and other world events has had a lasting impact on many aspects of day-to-day life, including shopping habits, work location, and travel behaviors – making it even more important for businesses to be able to access accurate and current data on points of interest.

But keeping POI data fresh is no small feat, even for companies such as Google, who recently revealed that it removed seven million fake business profiles and prevented 12 million from being created throughout 2021 alone. Standardizing POI data is just as difficult; differences in address standards, language, character variations, or a lack of accurate address data, make it challenging for companies to effectively operationalize data from multiple regions.

Unlike other address identifiers on the market that associate a business name to an address, the PreciselyID is appended to both the location’s coordinates and the address and will remain constant over time.  If a business closes and a new one opens in the same location, Precisely processes this change so that the PreciselyID will reflect the attributes for the new point of interest. As a result, businesses that use addresses as a primary data input will always have access to the most accurate data about any given location, enabling insights without needing geospatial tools or specialized skillsets.

“Businesses today need reliable answers about the world around them. If a clothing boutique closes, and the location becomes a coffee shop, it has an impact on the level of traffic, and types of shoppers, workers, and visitors to that area,” said Dan Adams, SVP – Data and Operations, at Precisely. “That’s why we associate the PreciselyID with an address and location, so our customers always have access to accurate, verified, and standardized data for detailed insights that matter to their business.”

POIs enabled with the PreciselyID have been cleansed, standardized, and verified by Precisely’s best-in-class geo addressing. As a result, organizations can quickly enrich records with accurate data while saving processing time and simplifying complex geospatial analysis. With access to a portfolio of over 400 datasets containing more than 9,000 attributes, Precisely customers can increase the accuracy, usability, and overall value of their business data and build context for faster, more confident decisions.

The regional expansion unlocks new capabilities for a wide variety of industries, including:

  • Retail – Leveraging location insights for site selection and management, locating competition and demand to identify opportunities for new stores or consolidation
  • Financial Services – Validating merchant data and achieving a 360-degree view of the changing landscape they operate in
  • Insurance – Helping to understand adjacent risk – including whether a property is located near to a high-risk building, such as a chemical plant
  • Telecommunications – Obtaining a full view into the places where people congregate, supporting telcos with their goal of providing high levels of coverage and keeping customers connected
  • Public Sector – Understanding where people work, shop, and spend their leisure time, enhancing planning for public transport networks, emergency services, and planning

Precisely expects further expansion, with support for more countries added in the future. Learn more about how to seamlessly connect addresses, properties, and POI data with the PreciselyID here.

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