Introducing the SMART Way to Train - Ensuring You Get the Very Best From Your Confirm Solution

We’re all in the midst of adapting to a new digital way of working, but this needn’t impact our ability to access the training we need to derive the best value from the software we rely upon every day. With or without a classroom environment, we’re here to help ensure you’re getting the most you can out of your Confirm solution.

Watch this webinar to hear from our lead Confirm trainer on how we’re adapting our training strategies through our innovative “SMART” approach, to continue to educate and train customers in a new virtual setting.

We also speak with special guests from Hull City Council and Highways England on how they have already successfully adopted an on-demand training approach, including discussion on:

  • The key drivers behind why they are now investing in remote learning
  • How they are reaping the benefits of virtual training to boost the morale and performance of their workforce
  • How they see the future of training evolving as we adapt to a new digital setting