Solution sheet


Unleash the power of billions of real-time data points to radically boost results.
Increase mobile-marketing effectiveness and boost response rates across every channel. Tap into millions of devices and billions of data points to apply insight precisely when, where and how you need it. Our Synchronize solution targets, creates and delivers hyperpersonal, hyper-local mobile marketing campaigns.
Boost your mobile ROI
• Leverage data on 300+ million devices
•Tap into demographics, behaviors, purchase intent and more
• Generate location-based insight
• Increase campaign efficiency in real time
• Deliver hyper-personal advertising at scale
Take your mobile marketing to a whole new level
Every moment of every day, smartphones are transmitting data—information that consumers have agreed to share. Now you finally have a way to capitalize on these insights to promote the most relevant messaging to the ideal targets at precisely the right time.