Solution Sheet

MapInfo Pro Subscription

Instant access to advanced features, maintenance, and updates with a cost-effective subscription

Now is a perfect time to move to a subscription.

You’ve come to rely on MapInfo Pro to manage, analyze, visualize, and present location intelligence. Now, get all the capabilities you’ve come to expect from MapInfo Pro in an easy-to-buy, easy-to-manage subscription. One- and three-year subscriptions offer maintenance, updates, and upgrades containing features formerly only available in MapInfo Pro Advanced.

Best of all, a subscription to MapInfo Pro costs less than our previous licenses, so you can save up to 75% –
all while getting access to advanced functionality.

For current perpetual standard licenses with current maintenance, we will offer conversion to a subscription for the same cost as your existing maintenance at the time of license renewal. Yes – more powerful GIS at no extra cost to you!

MapInfo Pro Subscription at a glance – One- and three-year subscriptions offer:

  • The full package of MapInfo Pro vector and raster capabilities
  • Access to creating and analyzing our patented Multi-Resolution Raster (MRR) data format
  • 3D map creation, viewing, and sharing with MapInfo Pro and MapInfo Pro Viewer through workspaces
  • Dozens of advanced features formerly only available in MapInfo Pro Advanced

Read the full product sheet to learn more.