Solution Sheet

EngageOne OnDemand

Since 2003, Precisely has successfully delivered OnDemand solutions to clients. Today, Precisely delivers OnDemand solutions to over 600 clients across our Software and Data product domains. In response to market demand for adoption of hosted, managed Customer Communications Management software deployments, we offer EngageOne as a multi-channel solution in our OnDemand portfolio.

EngageOne OnDemand – streamline operations while accelerating engagement

EngageOne OnDemand solutions deliver client dedicated, single tenant multi-channel customer engagement solutions.  EngageOne OnDemand solutions are deployed by and managed by the Precisely EngageOne Operations team on our private cloud infrastructure.

Delivery is led by the Precisely Professional Services team who works across your organization to design multi-channel communications for delivery. Upon your approval, those communications designs are planned for deployment and availability through the EngageOne Operations team.

The Precisely Professional Services team uses EngageOne Software to deliver:

  • Multi-channel communication design. We work across your organization to design the communications that are delivered to your clients through physical and digital channels using our EngageOne Compose software. Designed communications are prepared for delivery through our speedy, batch communications processes.
  • Multi-channel communications archive, storage, and retention. Working with your compliance teams, we can apply the retention policies for each delivered communication that govern the retention mandates using our EngageOne Vault software. The EngageOne Vault archive may also be connected to the self-service applications accessed by both employees and customers to accelerate resolution to inquiries about communications.
  • Self-Service bill and statement presentment. EngageOne Digital Self-Service software provides branded, secure, billing solutions. Connected to the EngageOne Vault archive, provide a personalized, consolidated, aggregated view of historical bill and statement trends to your customers so they may gain additional insights on how they are engaged with your brand. Empower customers to process payments of their bills and statements through connection to your enterprise bill payment solutions.

Read more about EngageOne OnDemand and how this multi-channel customer engagement solution can streamline operations while accelerating customer engagement.

EngageOne OnDemand Solution Sheet from Precisely