Solution sheet

Confirm: The smart, cost-effective way to manage your public infrastructure assets

Infrastructure lies at the heart of government. It drives budgets, enables growth and helps define the quality of life.

Managing these assets is what you do
It’s not an easy job. Citizens expect well-maintained roads and safer bridges, but don’t want higher taxes. Sensor data provides new opportunities, if you can capture these insights. Plus, there are federal programs such as MAP-21 and the FAST Act that create new paths to funding, but also come with explicit requirements.

Each day, you must manage a diverse, ever-aging portfolio of assets with fewer resources and smaller budgets. That’s why so many government agencies count on the Confirm asset management solution.

With Precisely, you can maximize the lifecycle of every asset. Confirm software streamlines how information related to your infrastructure is captured, stored and managed, providing the instant insight you need. Now you can make informed decisions on repairs, maintenance and investments, handling every task on time and on budget.

Realize new-found efficiency, transparency and intelligence

Confirm software adds speed, simplicity and savings to every step of infrastructure management:
1. Asset management
2. Day-to-day maintenance
3. Emergency repairs
4. Strategic planning