Solution Sheet

Product Sheet: Agile Data Governance

Agile Data Governance helps you build a data-centric organization with a modern data management approach.

Discover, enrich and optimize across the data lifecycle

Today’s companies must be data driven to get full potential from their assets and be more competitive. Data volume and velocity are unmatched – fueling various BI, analytics, Big Data, Machine Learning or AI projects, however data stewardship resources aren’t following the same trend.

How can your organization trust this data and constantly achieve superior data integrity to comply with data privacy regulations, enable accurate analytics, support self-service initiatives and true omnichannel customer experience?

Both IT and business evolution triggers the need for one complete and unique solution covering data quality, data integration, data catalogs and metadata management. Data Governance is foundational for organizations that are trying to be data centric in their decision making. Modern Data Management technologies that take a metadata driven approach can deliver the ability to connect, enrich and democratize data with the agility and speed required by today’s forward-looking organizations.

Keep pace with analytics and compliance requirements

  • Business Glossary: Gain a clear understanding of core concepts and data definitions enterprise-wide.
  • Scorecarding: Address your data quality issues by measuring them.
  • Lineage & Impact Analysis: Investigate the lineage of any data assets across the data lifecycle.

Agile Data Governance in Spectrum supports your business objectives including:

  • Digital Transformation
  • Data Valorization & Monetization
  • Self-Service BI & Analytics
  • Customer Experience
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Financial Crimes and Compliance
Agile Data Governance