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Derbyshire County Council Puts People at the Center of a Disciplined Asset Management System

One glance at the Derbyshire County Council website says it all: This local council is all about service. Every webpage helps residents to easily access the information and processes they need to live, work and play more enjoyably. Connecting residents and tourists to all their activities are some 3,300 miles of roads, cycle paths and footpaths and their associated bridges, signage and other transportation assets. With the help of Precisely, the county’s new Highways Hub is skilfully and cost-effectively managing them all.

Keeping thousands of miles of pavement, as well as bridges, traffic signals and even six canal locks, in good repair is a never-ending task. It is especially challenging in Derbyshire County, as the county council employs only twelve twoperson reactive maintenance crews. Even with hard work and the best intentions to provide timely repair of all reported road and pavement issues, some of the most important jobs were falling behind schedule.

Angela Glithero, the department’s assistant director of resources and improvement, explains why: “We would get reports of potholes or other defects on the roads, and we’d send the crews out to repair them. We had a complicated and inconsistent paper system, which meant we couldn’t easily identify which defects the crews were repairing each day.” A reduction in funding further drove the need to increase efficiency. Five years ago, Derbyshire County received a yearly budget of about £23 million for highways maintenance; now the county receives slightly more than £10 million.

Angela and her colleagues realized that the key to overcoming these challenges lay in bringing people together and having them collaborate through an integrated information system. For Derbyshire County, this meant the creation of a new office, called the Highways Hub. Located in a large room in the Derbyshire County Council building, the Highways Hub is currently made up of 22 people, split into three multi-functional ‘area’ teams.

Derbyshire County Council