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Customer Story

ALICO - American Life Insurance Company

American Life Insurance Company uses Assure iOptimize for faster response times and reduced storage costs

The Wilmington, Delaware home office of American Life Insurance Company serves as the IT development shop for all of ALICO’s production offices around the world. For each of these offices, the Wilmington IT department codes, enhances and fixes applications; installs new releases; resolves issues; manages disk storage space; and, when necessary, restores entire computing environments.

As a result of its roles, the Wilmington IT department must closely track software versions in use at ALICO offices around the world as different offices use different “flavors” of the same applications.

The Challenge
In the past, ALICO ran repeated queries to determine resource usage on its IBM i systems. Each time, the query parameters would be changed to get the precise information that the IT department needed. This work was time-consuming, cumbersome and repetitive. To overcome this burden, the company wanted software designed specifically to monitor the health of its systems.

Furthermore, it was difficult for ALICO’s central IT department to scrutinize the contents of the disks used by the company’s offices around the world. ALICO wanted a way to find, delete and/or archive obsolete data and objects in order to reclaim wasted disk space.

The company also needed a way to track all of the software in use in each of the operating units. ALICO offices in different parts of the world don’t all use the same software applications.  And some offices use different versions of the applications used in other offices Thus, to avoid updating the wrong software when performing application maintenance for one of the offices, the central IT department needed to keep track of which offices use which software versions.

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