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Adventist Health licensed Migrate While Active to reduce downtime

The computing load placed on an aging IBM AS/400 model 730 caused response times to swell, so a powerful new IBM System i model 570 was acquired to take its place. All of the healthcare facilities supported by this system operate on a 24/7 basis, with Adventist Health employees accessing and updating patient charts continuously. A conventional migration from the AS/400 to the new System i model 570 was going to result in an unacceptable amount of downtime— potentially more than 20 hours.

Hardware limitations strained Adventist Health’s AS/400 and made sub-second response time increasingly difficult to attain. To remedy the problem, the healthcare organization acquired a powerful new IBM System i model 570.

All of the healthcare facilities connected to this server are continually open for business. Using the MedSeries4 clinical applications from Siemens Health Systems, Adventist accesses and updates patient data continuously. When Florencio Alcocer, Adventist Health’s senior system engineer, calculated the amount of downtime users would face as they migrated from the old system to the new one, the result was staggering.

According to Alcocer, “The 730’s dwindling performance factored into our estimate, indicating users would be offline for up to 20 hours. Once we knocked everyone off of the system, we would have had to perform a full backup. Next, we would have had to do a restore on the 570, and it could have taken much longer.”

To reduce the amount of downtime incurred during the migration process, and lessen exposure to unexpected startup problems, Adventist Health licensed Upgrade/Migrate While Active, offered by award-winning System i software vendor, Precisely.

This robust synchronization and replication engine allowed Adventist Health’s new System i 570 to run in parallel with the existing production server. With the two servers sitting side-by- side Precisely’s technicians accessed the 730 remotely over a secure VPN connection and installed Assure iTERA HA. The installation was completed with Assure iTERA HA installing itself automatically on the 570. “All of this was work performed during the day while users were still on the system,” says Alcocer. Once they were synchronized, testing of the new 570 followed with no downtime on the production machine.

Adventist Health Customer Story