Precisely is the new company formed through Syncsort’s acquisition of the Pitney Bowes Software & Data business. Read more on the About Us page.

Our focus is to power better decisions underpinned by trust in data. Syncsort and Pitney Bowes Software & Data have shared this goal for many years. Now, with our combined portfolio of leading data integration, data quality, location intelligence, and data enrichment products, we’re able to realize our vision for data integrity.

With Syncsort’s expansion through the acquisition of the Pitney Bowes Software & Data business, we recognized it was the right moment to give ourselves a new name and brand, Precisely, to reflect our new position in the market. The products, services, support, and personnel that you have relied on from Syncsort will continue under the new company name.

The Pitney Bowes Software & Data business was acquired by Syncsort in December 2019. This acquisition enabled the company to realize its vision for a comprehensive data integrity portfolio and positioned us to become the market leader in data integrity.

In a world where data is becoming increasingly complex, and where new data is being created at exponentially faster speeds, being able to trust the integrity of your data is essential. That trust is grounded in the accuracy and consistency of data.

As a customer of Syncsort or Pitney Bowes Software & Data, you can continue to rely on the same products, services, and support you have enjoyed in the past. With one combined portfolio under Precisely, you now have access to even more products and capabilities than ever before, from data integration to data quality, location intelligence, data enrichment, and more.

Precisely provides trusted data to customers like you, inspiring confidence and enabling you to build your possibilities.

The formation of Precisely brings together the products from both Syncsort and Pitney Bowes Software & Data. We have taken this opportunity to simplify our product offerings as branded product families, which are organized within five gateways: Integrate, Verify, Locate, Enrich and Engage.

To avoid confusion, our individual product names maintain elements of their historical branding.

Former Syncsort products are now found in the Integrate and Verify product sections of our website.

  • Products for integrating data into next-generation data and IT platforms, IBM mainframe sort and optimization tools, and IBM i security and high availability products are found in the Integrate  section;
  • Data quality and geolocation products are found in the Verify section.

Products from Pitney Bowes Software & Data can be found on the Verify, Locate, Enrich and Engage product pages.

  • Products focused on data quality and data context are found in the Verify section;
  • Products focused on location intelligence, geocoding and mapping spatial insights are in the Locate  section;
  • Business, location and demographic data is found under Enrich;
  • And, products related to communicating with customers whenever, wherever and however suits them are found under Engage.

As part of our Precisely rebrand, some product names have been renamed. Review our product name changes.

If you cannot find your product, do not hesitate to Get in Touch with us. We are happy to help.

There will be no immediate changes in the way you access products developed by either Syncsort or Pitney Bowes Software & Data. 

We have planned delivery improvements with phased rollouts over the next year.  For more information, read FAQ: Product Delivery

Yes. Nothing has changed regarding our level of support for products. You will continue to receive the same level of service under which you made your purchase, and you will benefit from our increased size and global scale. Even if your product was rebranded as part of the Precisely portfolio, the support terms remain the same.

As we build our new Precisely Support experience, there may be changes to how you access support.

Please read the following for more information:

While we are very excited about our new Precisely brand, it will take some time to get all entity names changed with various government agencies and our banks to reflect this new brand

We anticipate that we will complete all entity name changes by Fall 2020.  Until then, there will be no name changes on any financial documents (sales quotes, order forms, contracts, fulfillment notices and invoices) you receive from us. 

After we have completed the process to change all entity names later in the year, we will provide detailed instructions about how to remit payments. 

The Syncsort and Pitney Bowes Software & Data websites contained 1000s of pages, articles, videos, and webcasts. It will take a little time to bring it all under the new Precisely website – we’re working on this as quickly as possible.

Please see our Partner FAQ page for more information.