Global Gazetteer

This dataset provides points for cities and named administrative places. It includes a number of attributes intended to provide not only a comprehensive suite of city points with coordinates but a way to categorize and display them. Points from over 235 countries are included, and range in scope from the largest world cities down to small villages. Global Gazetteer also includes centroids from administrative areas, postal codes, census boundaries, built up areas, and neighborhoods.

Attributes included make this product ideal for search applications, basic geocoding, proximity analysis, and analytics. Classification schemes signify location types like capitals and major cities for more detail.


  • Reverse geocode and associate a locality to coordinates or a name
  • Match a locality within a radius of a point
  • Display points on a map
  • Provide locations for locality names selectively on a map.
  • Provide locations for locality names selectively on a map.


Dataset includes:

  • Primary and alternate names
  • Language codes
  • Settlement types and administrative classes
  • Population
  • Postal codes
  • Smart labels for MapInfo Pro



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