Locate assets, customers and competition for effective business outcomes

Gain a better understanding of your customers

  • Identify unique customers, understand who they are, their likes and dislikes, and how this impacts performance

Fuel your marketing and customer experience with greater customer detail

  • Improve segmentation, targeting, acquisition and retention, and understand customer profitability

Leverage retail analytics with in-store data for hyper-personalization

  • Identify revenue generating opportunities by analyzing purchasing patterns and demographics to understand how to connect data across physical and digital channels

Maximize revenue and market position with more accurate customer insight

  • Make insight driven decisions about core determinants of success such as profitable site selection, product mix, and marketing decisions

Increase your store's online and offline traffic with near me search capabilities

  • Introduce your brand to new customers and assist them in finding your nearest brick-and-mortar store while ranking for local intent searches

Dig into the data

See how retail organizations leverage data for customer insights

Visualize data on a map in the Precisely Data Experience



Use a pre-defined geography, such as postcodes or census tracts, to define territories and catchments



Assist in local and national marketing campaigns, store format, and merchandising, which will ultimately impact the profitability of a given location

Points of Interest

Points of Interest

Understand the impact local competition and other businesses have on the customer experience, and how likely is someone to visit a particular location for work, leisure or shopping

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